How Kids Can Understand Renewable Energy Better

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Fun Under the Sun with Solar Power

You may think that solar power is the most significant discovery made by mankind — true! And, we totally agree with you. But the fact of the matter is, not everyone shares this point of view. You may think so but your neighbors or maybe even your family doesn’t. Read the Rest of This Story »

The 411 on Solar Power

How exactly does solar energy work? How is it gathered? And how can you benefit from it? Read the Rest of This Story »

Recent Studies Show That Installing Solar Panels Can Increase Home Value

It’s no secret that solar panels are a positive investment. Providing energy for the home without harming the environment is something that should appeal to all of us. But what about the financial side? Read the Rest of This Story »

Energy Efficiency: Mechanical Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems, which are also known as (HVAC) consume the greatest amount of energy in modern buildings and for this reason they are very important environmentally. The ventilation these systems provide are to a certain extent, important indicators of the quality of indoor air. Read the Rest of This Story »

Concentrating Solar Power Systems

If you have ever seen a field with several mirrors pointing toward the sun you may be looking at a solar power system. These systems work to concentrate the sunlight to one area and use the heat to heat up the liquid that flows along the pipes. This system is called Parabolic-trough system. This type of system heats oil that is flowing through the pipe. The oil is hot and that is why it is used to boil water to power a steam generator which in turns powers electricity. Read the Rest of This Story »

What is Solar Energy

In order to know where to find solar energy you must first know what solar energy is. Solar energy is energy from the sun. When the sun is shining solar energy is being produced as it sends the heat radiating to the earth. You can find solar energy anywhere or anything that the sun can shine on. There is a way that you can save the sunlight in order to provide heat during the cold, which is what millions of people have done throughout the years. It started thousands of years ago when people where able to use a thick lens or magnifying glass on an object that would attract the sun rays on that particular object and could get so hot it would catch fire. This gave a new prospective on how strong the heat from the sun really was. Read the Rest of This Story »

Developing Your Own Solar Panel Can Be Easy.

The sun is by far the most powerful source of energy for our planet; did you know that in only an hour the earth can receive enough energy from the sun to meet our power needs for a whole year? Today, we’re learning more sophisticated ways to benefit from the sun; solar energy is often the cheapest way to provide energy for our homes. With easy to install solar panels, it’s possible to get heat and electricity you can use for all of your power requirements. Read the Rest of This Story »

Wind Power

Wind power is taking the energy generated from the wind and using it in more productive ways. Wind turbines are a machine that can transform the kinetic energy found in wind and convert it into mechanical energy. Mechanical energy works with kinetic energy to balance into the mechanical system. When the mechanical energy is converted into electricity it can be called a wind turbine. Read the Rest of This Story »

How to Save Electrical Energy Every Day

Compared to other nations worldwide, America wastes energy the most. With environmental matters such as pollution and ozone layer depletion, we must be extremely conscious of the amount of energy we consume. Read the Rest of This Story »


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